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Welcome To Nicc's

Direct Primary Care Medical Clinic

A DPC medical clinic is a model of practicing medicine in which your provider is able to treat you directly; without the restrictions imposed by insurance companies allowing doctors to give you much more personalized care and treatment 

Physican Roger Cummings

A Better Way To Pay For Health Care

Benefits of joining a DPC medical clinic

Access to your doctor when you need it.
Don't wait for excellent healthcare. Receive quality medical treatment whenever the need arises. Weekends, holidays, and after hours.

Never feel rushed! Enjoy relaxed extended visits.
We believe that the patient should always come first and should never feel rushed to leave our office. We pride ourselves with taking the time to listen to every patients needs and questions.

Same and next day scheduling.
This is possible because our medical clinic only allows so many members to join. Because of this we are able to give you more personalized care with flexible hours.


Enjoy doctor house calls.
We understand that you might not be able to make it into our office and a home visit would be more beneficial. Our doctors are happy to come to your home for you visit. 

All access healthcare via technology.
Get in touch with one of our healthcare providers via phone, text, email, webcam, and more. 

Yearly physicals.
Get a yearly checkup and develop a personalized plan with your healthcare provider that to ensure that you stay healthy


Members get procedural and diagnostic benefits.
Holter Monitor, Laceration Repair, Breathing Treatments, Spirometry, Cryotherapy, Lesion Removal, EKG, and that just to list a few.

Get your lab work and medication at wholesale pricing.
Our benefits are your benefits. We get the best pricing for lab work and medications and we pass these savings right on to you with no extra mark-up.

Honest healthcare providers that will always give it to you straight.
We are not only your medical provider, but also your partner in achieving your health goals. We believe the best way to achieve this is with total transparency in every aspect of your medical care. 


Adults 26 to 65


Adults 66 or older


Independent youth 18 to 25 



One adult (under 26) and one child


2 adults (under 26) and up to 2 children


Additional Children



Enrollment fee per household


This is a ONE TIME fee with no lapse in membership.

Enrollment fee is non-refundable

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