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FAQ:  Insurance & Health Plans

Is Nicc's insurance or a replacement for health insurance?

No and no.  Nicc's DPC is an affordable  way to have high value, high quality primary health care. It is in this model your medical provider can solely serve your best interests.

Will Nicc's bill my insurance.

No.  Nicc's is not contracted with any public or private insurance plans.


Can I bill my own insurance plan for visits at Nicc's?

Most insurance companies do not reimburse membership fees.  We can provide a receipt for payment of non-covered service fees (labs, meds, etc.) to submit to your insurance if you choose, but most members do not find it worth the time or effort.

If I join Nicc's, does it affect my insurance for other care?

In most cases your insurance functions as normal for other providers and services. Most PPO type plans do not require a "participating" provider for referrals, tests, etc. so Niccs' will function as most clinics do.  


Some HMO plans require a participating provider to issue referrals and order tests. If you are unsure about your plan we would encourage you to contact your insurance company directly.  

I have Medicare, how does that work?

We will contract with Medicare beneficiaries to administer quality primary care.  Our services cannot be billed to Medicare by Nicc's or the patient.  


We do require a Private contract prior to joining  which outlines this fact.  Joining Nicc's will not limit the patient from use of their benefits with other accepting clinics or providers.  

Do you accept Oregon Medicaid/ OHP?

No we are not contracted and cannot bill them for our services.

Will my membership at Nicc's meet the requirements for "Health Care/Insurance" under the Affordable Care Act? (Obomanation plan)

The most likely answer is no.  Direct Primary Care is mentioned in the Affordable Care Act but it is still unclear for a final ruling.  


The grueling regulations and extreme costs involved in accepting regular insurance is forcing a reduction in private practice providers and creating a shortages of health care providers.  


The Direct Primary Care model is what will allow the providers at Nicc's to continuing providing care in our community.

Can I use my FSA or HSA funds at Nicc's?

Please contact us or an accounting professional for further information.


Click link below for more information.

Can you recommend and insurance plan or type of coverage?

We cannot provide direct recommendations as health coverage needs can be very individualized.


There are links on our site to gain more information about "cost sharing" programs and would otherwise encourage you to speak with a professional in that field.

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